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November 6, 2008--- Latest News! Read Sifu Changsut's article entitled, "Yiquan, The Fist of Intention" in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine

March 3, 2008---Check out pics of Sifu's recent training trip to Mainland China: Mainland China Pictures

May 21, 2007--- Hot News! Look for Sifu's new article entitled, "Wing Chun's Secret Footwork" in the July/Aug. 2007 issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. Check it out! July/August Cover

2/24/2007 --- Sifu's published again!! Get the March/April 2007 issue of KungFu Tai Chi magazine and read the article written by Sifu Changsut entitled The Dirty Dozen: A Dozen Exercises to Avoid in Martial Arts Class. You can order it online here: martial arts mart

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